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Here you can find the most recent patches for the demo version and the final game, as well as the development kit.

Avencast: Rise of the Mage DevKit for PC

Here is the official Avencast : Rise of the Mage devkit for the PC version (1.04).


July 25, 2008

Please download it here.


The Avencast Development Kit contains the complete set of tools required to modify or add new game content to Avencast – Rise of the Mage, such as:
• The level editor
• The graphics import and export tools
• Visual effects editor
• All the scripting and configuration files in an unencrypted version, so you can modify:
o Quests
o Monster behaviour and attributes
o The hero’s skills and attributes
o Items, equipment
o …every other game content

Furthermore the complete reference documentation of all Avencast engine commands and parameters is provided together with several tutorials explaining step by step how to use the level editor and modify game content.

Due to the complex nature of Action RPG’s the Avencast Dev Kit addresses primarily enthusiastic gamers or hobby game designers with basic knowledge of game development and/or programming. Yet, the completeness of tools theoretically opens up the possibility to develop an entirely new game.

Please use our forum to ask for help regarding the dev kit.

Full version

Download patch v1.04 here.

Warning: This patch can not be applied to downloaded versions! Please download the specific patch from the website of your online retailer!

change log:

patch v1.02:

  • video related crash bugs
  • ALT+Tab issues
  • three autosaves
  • "Failed to set fixed function" bug
  • shadow ripper teleport bug
  • Kalios fire dwarf work-around
  • demon summons lifetime shorter 
  • gajan dialog script error
  • SPACE (=pick up all) closes GUI window
  • PgUp/Down names
  • dead monsters / door open issue
  • Alt+F9 for debug screen
  • no anicycle when meteor shower at invalid pos
  • quest items remove list updated
  • invalid cheat characters
  • post render shader bug with old video cards
  • zero byte files replaced
  • performance inprovement (GetTime)
  • constant low framrate bug (e.g. 16 fps) solved
  • bugfix: script error in blood magic path
  • workaround for "CoCreateInstance failed"

patch v1.03:

  • monster health bar instead of "wounded text"
  • low mana / health feedback improved
  • bugfix: unexpected monster health refill
  • bugfix: monster disappear bug
  • bugfix: planetarium laser bug
  • balancing: Kalios firedwarf quest easier
  • balancing: Tertius bossmonster in vault level easier
  • workaround: 'disable videos' option for users with codec / driver problems


  • incorrect mana/health bonus from items
  • GUI: long log messages bound within box
  • UTF8 character support for controls
  • dialog caption: text truncation bug fixed
  • options.exe: language bugfix


  • Adept03 name changed to "Dead mage"
  • "find my true self" Easter egg removed
  • workaround for telescope quest with patch v1.03 installed
      during running quest
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